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Preserving seeds

Plants, vegetables are full of seeds when they are ripe and in order to have ready seeds for the following year, start collecting them from produce you already have. That way you won’t need to spend any money (seeds costs can add up) when spring comes.

I always find I buy too many seeds, which then get left over and unused. By collecting your own seeds from the plants you already have you can monitor and collect as much or as little as you might need the following year.

In spring 2017 I won’t be planting as many things as I did the previous year. I always like to monitor what grows well and what gets eaten well and what I can preserve, etc. I collected only those seeds that I will use next year – pumpkins, courgettes, peppers, butternut squash, peppers, herbs, etc.

Here you can see chilly pepper seeds being collected from dry fruit. These can be used in cooking as well as planting for next year.

Dill is my absolute favourite herb, which I adore fresh in all my summer dishes, it is very versatile and I love the taste. I also use it in all my pickles and preserves, so it is essential I have a lot on hand when I need it. It grows quick and in large amounts. What I do each year when it goes dry, which happens fairly quick I collect seeds and spread it across the same bed or a new bed and everything comes up again the following year. Here I preserved a few dry sprigs, which I can use in preserves and cooking. Fresh and dry both work well.



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