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Drying herbs


Growing, collecting and drying herbs for winter is a wonderful thing to be doing each summer/autumn.

Find a warm, dry place and spread your herbs, leaves, roots, flowers (I dried Chamomile this year, which I picked in Scotland) whatever you choose on an old newspaper or a dry old cloth and leave for a few weeks.

Other ways are to make bunches of each herb, plant you wish to dry and hang it again in a warm, dry place to dry.

Here I am using my summer shed to dry my bay leaves, rosemary, thyme and sage.

Once dry, place in suitable containers, jars and use in cooking, making teas and magic work.

Towards the end of Autumn, beginning of winter it is time to collect rosehip berries. The same principle would apply in terms of drying berries. It is said they are best collected after the first frost touched them, which means they are ripe and ready. I do prefer them when they are slightly soft. First you would need to clean all the furry seeds from the inside of each berry and then dry skins in your kitchen or somewhere warm till skins become firm. Place in bags or jars and add to teas during winter. Rosehip berries are full of vitamin C.

There are different varieties available according to where you live, but these are easy to spot and forage.


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