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I made this tincture in August from herbs that were running out of use by date. I think it’s a good idea to use up herbs, which you still might have a lot of but not much time to use it.

I used:

St John’s Wort


Vodka (can use other alcohols or cider vinegar with mother for milder effect)

These two herbs combine well. Used only a little bit of Yarrow, the rest is St John’s Wort. Good for calming, relaxation, good mood with a digestive tract relaxant from Yarrow.

In a jar mix dry herbs with alcohol and store away for 6 weeks stirring it every day for a week or two and then shake occasionally. You might top up alcohol if you need to. Once you make your tincture write a date on it so you know when it is ready to bottle up.

When it is ready strain it into drop lid bottles and store in a dark place. Use a few drops in some water to drink as and when needed. Tinctures last for a long time and you only need a small amount.

Be careful if you are on any prescription medication as herbs can interfer with them. Check it out before using any natural herbal remedies. Also be aware of your doses as taking too much might be harmful.



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