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Chamomile healing eye wash

When you have a cold/flu sometimes symptoms present in your throat, ears, nose, chest and also in the eyes. It is often the case with me that my eyes get affected. They produce sticky, white material, which then crusts over eye lashes. It is a sign of infection. What I find useful is do an eye wash at the first signs of this symptom occuring. Simple.

Pour boiling water over dried chamomile flowers, let it sit for about 20 mins till infused, strain and let cool. You end up with raw chamomile tea effectively, but stronger and more potent. Then using cotton wool (a clean on for each eye to avoid cross-contamination) apply to your eyes (make sure it is cool enough to use) and wipe all the stuff away and press to soothe and calm any inflammation. Do this several times a day and especially before going to bed and in the morning.

This is an old folk recipe from when I was a little girl back in Siberia, Russia and we used a lot of herbal remedies to help heal various ailments.

Many blessings!



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