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Welcome to my online journal


Today I decided to start my online journal on all things HERBS. I would like this platform to serve as a way of recording my herbal and oils musings, as I learn more about healing properties, beauty benefits and magical uses of herbs and essential oils.

I have been making my own remedies and beauty products for a few months now and excited in having one place to put all my recipes, notes, spells, etc.

When I am around herbs I feel at home. Wherever I am in the process of making a lotion, tincture or even a herbal tea I find myself fully engrossed in a life once lived a long time ago when this task came naturally to me and things flowed out of my intuition and deep knowing. Alchemical essence of being in touch with plants and their properties brings pure joy and peace to my heart. I can easily go all day doing nothing else but touch and smell, mix and infuse, boil and stir enjoying beautiful aromas of herbs and oils.

Thank you for coming by and, perhaps, you will find something useful for your own musings to inspire you.

Many blessings!




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